Pricing and Customs Information

Mountain Girl Handwovens “Custom” List*

Please read all options and parameters before signing up!


-I will go down the list in order, not draw from it, the faster you sign up, the higher you will be on the list. Signing up is not a commitment, but please be seriously interested and ready to buy if you sign up! You will be contacted a few weeks before your spot to begin planing, you are free to pass at that time. If you wish to be removed from the list, simply send me a pm.


-Your inspiration picture/collage


-Up to 5 mock ups/design revisions. I do not do mock ups for hand painted flat warps, as results can vary widely. (A fee will apply to any mockups or changes above this, $10 per additional mockup)

-Minimum finished length 5 meters (does not have to be one piece), maximum finished length 25 meters. If you do not want to purchase the entire 5m yourself, and don’t mind sharing, I am happy to warp longer (approximately 15m total) and offer semi-custom spots in the group. You are also welcome to have one or more sister spots.

-Any additional pieces will be offered to you first, but may be sold by me if you do not buy them (I do not plan to warp for extra wraps, unless previously discussed, but there is always the chance for some overage). I do keep a small keepsake piece (usually 4 x 6 inches) and small scraps from all warps. We may discuss the possibility of weaving additional pieces for sale by me.
-Warp Options and Pricing (These are the *only* available options):

Warp Option 1:

Hand painted Egyptian Cotton Warp – $135/m plus any weft charges

Weft options (Prices shown below for natty, weft dye fee is a flat fee of $35)
  •  Skinny Egyptian cotton – $5/m (thinner and perfect for a squish but will work with all ages)
  • Regular Egyptian Cotton – $5/m (medium weight, suitable for all ages)
  • Silk/nettle – $15/m (medium thickness, nice support, drape, and shine)
  • Spun Silk – $20/m (medium thick, cushy but supportive, beautiful shine)
  • Superwash Merino – $15/m (medium thick, good support. Nice stretch and bounce)

-Choice of faux crackle/diamond structures, middle markers, tail accents, hand spun inlays, fringe ($50), etc. Pricing depends on time for each accent.


-At this time, I do not take a deposit for your wrap(s), but failure to pay upon completion may result in being removed from the group and any future draws or custom spots.


-Full retail value is declared on all customs forms, MGH is not responsible for any duties, taxes, or fees associated with international shipping


-To sign up for the customs list please go here:

*Signing up does not guarantee a spot, I will do my best to work through spots on the list quickly and efficiently, but I do run a solo operation and have kids. I reserve the right to close the list at any time and/or change the method of selecting custom spots

Please click on the images below to see the available structures